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Life Crescendo is an inclusive all-you-can-discover luxurious lifestyle, leisure, and travel magazine run by Ibtissam El Azami. It is dedicated to providing everyday solutions to travelers and people loving the occasional shine of cozy brands, nice dining, and beautiful travel spots.

Life Crescendo’s primary audience is interested in everyday brands and restaurants (including vegan and halal food), fun activities, and classic sightseeing around the world. This audience is made of anyone from students to freelancers, families, and couples.


I am the founder of Life Crescendo, and the creator of the freelancer and digital nomad destination The Working Line, with cafes and libraries to work and coworking spaces around the world.

In addition, I am a travel, jewelry, and fashion freelance writer operating under the name The Target Idea. I provide content related to travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, jewelry, and candles.


– Freelance Writing

– Sponsored Instagram Posts and Blog Posts

– Collaborations and Partnerships

– Press Trips & Destination Marketing


For all collaboration inquiries and my media kit, you can reach me at LifeCrescendo@MushaMedia.co.uk