Welcome to this new article on The London Rack, where I’ll tell you all about where to buy raw shea butter in London. Of course, you can always find amazing shops to buy shea butter online. Yet, London is a city big enough – with a crazy amazing melting pot – that you can buy the best shea butter brands pretty easily in store. Although Cantu is one of the best brands to buy shea butter in stores like Superdrug, it’s not completely raw, vegan, and unrefined. And that is actually what I want to talk about today: the best shea butter brands to buy in London, in store, where you can see the product and end up taking home only the best shea butter, pure, unrefined, truly raw style.

In case you don’t know me, hi, I’m Ibtissam. I am half-French and half-Moroccan, and I’ve taken the decision today to start writing about French brands and African brands as much as possible on The London Rack. It’s important for me to give back to both my cultures, and even if I’m not black, I am a big supporter of black-owned brands in London. Not in London, too. As such, as soon as I get the opportunity, I’ll write about all those natural African brands in London we are lucky to have. Just so you know, I’m between a hair type 2B and 2C when it comes to curls, and I need both hydration and nourishing haircare to maintain my beautiful curls.

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Lately, I’ve written about the best East London halal food and delicious halal burgers in Leicester Square. I’ve also told you all about places to get cheap candles in London, essential oils, and even the cheapest makeup in London. And today, we’re on to the quest for the best raw shea butter in London.

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A few guidelines for unrefined shea butter

Where to buy shea butter in London - Raw shea butter London - Best shea butter brands in store London - Unrefined Shea Butter - Does shea butter expire - Does shea butter clog pores - buy shea butter online UK

Before we dive deep into the best shops where to buy shea butter in London, I want to talk about some common-known facts – or maybe unknown to you – about shea butter. Expiration date, pore clogging, shea butter benefits: that kind of stuff is always cool to know.

When you buy shea butter in store, the sales assistants won’t always tell you all that. They will rather talk about the benefits of shea butter on hair, or the best shea butter for face, and that’s about it. Not here, babes.

Shea Butter Benefits for Hair, Skin, and Body

Where to buy shea butter in London - Raw shea butter London - Best shea butter brands in store London - Unrefined Shea Butter - Does shea butter expire - Does shea butter clog pores - buy shea butter online UK

Shea butter has quite a lot of benefits for the body which make it an essential product for skincare and haircare. For instance, it’s safe for all, from children to pregnant women. It deeply protects the skin and hair from pollution and wrinkles, and evens out the skin. That means shea butter is perfect if you’re suffering from blemishes and scars.

We’re talking deep moisturizing effects, fighting against stretched skin, brittle hair, and chapped skin, lips, and feet. We’re talking miracle product here.

Does shea butter expire?

First things first, does shea butter expire? Well, yes. Generally, raw shea butter will go bad around 24 months after being produced. If it’s refined shea butter, you’ll have around two years and a half to use it before it expires. Basically, when it starts smelling rancid – understand: a bit weird – you’ll know it’s not good to use anymore. Don’t use expired raw shea butter – you could have skin problems, allergies and stuff like that. I promise you don’t want to have that.

If you buy refined shea butter (the kind that smells less strong that raw shea butter), it can last much longer on your bathroom shelf. But honestly, I vouch only for unrefined shea butter. I like my skincare and haircare as natural as possible, and that’s why we’ll be talking (almost) only about the best raw shea butter London shops today.

Store it properly, too – don’t you start leaving your shea butter pot open and expect it not to go rancid, you know. Sometimesm we don’t pay too much attention to storing our skincare and haircare products, but it’s fatal for those products that you buy natural.

Does shea butter clog pores?

Where to buy shea butter in London - Raw shea butter London - Best shea butter brands in store London - Unrefined Shea Butter - Does shea butter expire - Does shea butter clog pores - buy shea butter online UK

It’s natural to wonder whether shea butter clogs pores. The short answer is no. Shea butter, although it has quite a similar consistency to mango butter or coconut butter, is non-comedogenic. So if you want to use unrefined shea butter on your face, that’s definitely possible, even if your skin is prone to acne. I do that for overnight treatments and want to deeply nourish my skin, especially when I go to sleep later a few days in a row.

Does shea butter stain clothes?

Since it’s grease – essentially, something super oily, shea butter can stain clothes, unrefined or not. If you make an oil bath for your hair and you get a stain of shea butter on your clothes, you have several options to remove the stain.

The difficulty to remove the stain depends on how long the shea butter stain has been on. You might have to try a few options between cornstarch, white vinegar, dish detergent or of course, the grandma method with baking soda (this stuff really does work all the time, doesn’t it?).

Where to buy raw shea butter in London?

For hair, face and body, the benefits of shea butter are endless. I’ve been a fervent user of raw shea butter for years, and I make it a point to use it as unrefined and raw as possible. Now that we know all the benefits of shea butter on hair, face, and body, it’s time to know where to buy raw shea butter in London.

As I said, I prefer to buy shea butter in store, and there are lots of places where you can get the best unrefined shea butter, for a big range of prices from £1 to £30 and more. Just depends on what you want to do with it. It also depends on whether you want something premium from the best shea butter brands, or want something thoroughly natural, African-style. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The Best Raw Shea Butter in London? | Kumasi Market Brixton Market

One of the first shops I’ve ever visited to buy shea butter in London in store was Kumasi Market in Brixton Market. That’s quite a small shop filled with African – proper African – natural products. If you’re looking for a way to wash your skin in addition to the best shea butter in London, they have the best African black soap around.

Whether you want yellow shea butter or ivory unrefined shea butter, you can get both for around £1 for 100 grams at Kumasi Market. I bought one pack of each, and the smell itself tells you all about its quality. I love the scent of a strong raw shea butter. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with the Kumasi Market shea butter if you’re looking for a cheap skincare and haircare option. If you’re ever near Brixton Market, make it your destination for both shea butter and African black soap.

1. Raw Unrefined Shea Butter London: Ivy Nat Long Acre

Where to buy shea butter in London - Raw shea butter London - Best shea butter brands in store London - Unrefined Shea Butter - Does shea butter expire - Does shea butter clog pores - buy shea butter online UK
Photo: LoveJamii

If you’re looking for places where to buy shea butter in Central London, Ivy Nat is another great option. Not only do they have the best shea butter for face, hair, and body, but it only costs £9.99 for quite a big pot of raw shea butter.

Ivy Nat on Long Acre allows you to buy shea butter in store as well as lots of 100% natural vegetal oils like organic Marula oil, coconut oil, baobab oil, and of course, the much-loved natural African Black Soap. Much loved by me, I mean.

That’s one of the Central London independent shops where you can also find African clothes, with amazing wax patterns. Their dresses, especially, are stunning. Discover accessories and homeware like cups and paintings that truly reflect African art and culture at Ivy Nat. Independent designers, unrefined shea butter, culture and a real background. Love it.

2. Best Shea Butter Brands in London: Suneeta London

In France, you have this all-natural store called Aromazone where I often go whenever I’m in Paris. There, you can get all kinds of natural, raw oils and unrefined butters like coconut oil, shea butter, and many more amazing things to make your own face and hair products. Well, it seems like Suneeta London is the same kind of store in London. As such, if you’re looking to buy shea butter in store and reap all the benefits of natural skincare without having to wait for an order to come, just go there.

You will indeed find unrefined shea butter just a few minutes’ walk from Brixton Station and Brixton Market. Yet, there’s so much more to Suneeta Cosmetics London than just shea butter! The unrefined shea butter is really affordable (£8 for 225grams and £14 for 450g) and the Brixton shop also makes their own skincare recipes.

You can get a body mousse or a lip balm made from shea butter and essential oils like Lavender, Orange or Geranium, or even foot cream and deodorant. The Suneeta London brand is available in their own shop and in shops around London where no waste is the main focus. Find it at A Weigh and Pay in Brixton Village, Bring Your Own in Nunhead, or Luka Day Spa and Salon on Cheshire Street in East London.

Then if you want to take stuff further, you can get cotton muslin cloths to remove your makeup, bamboo toothbrushes, and even spices and loose leaf tea. Suneeta London has it all, and the prices for their all-natural products are super honest. Honest.

3. Where To Buy Raw Shea Butter in London: SheaLife

SheaLife is one of the best stores in London for shea butter, all categories put together. I’ve never bought products from the actual shop address, so I’m not too sure whether they have a physical shop (I’ll still write down the address for you). As such, I’d recommend getting their stunning shea butter online as I do.

Not only do they offer some of the best unrefined shea butter in London, SheaLife also have a full line of amazing organic products. I love myself a store where I can buy everything I need at the same time. If you need to buy bulk raw shea butter, that’s definitely the place. Shealife offers pots of shea butter from 100g to 25 kg. 100g cost £6.95 only, and it’s really high quality. 

If you don’t just want bulk raw shea butter, you can get soap, lip balms, and creams made from shea butter. You can be sure it’s going to be one of the best shea butter brands you could ever get in London. I’m talking high class and super affordable for the everybody customer to the wholesale trader. Need African black soap (liquid or solid) or cocoa butter? That’s also the place.

Oh, of course, you can also get hemp butter, coconut butter, or mango butter from SheaLife. They also have their own little preparations with shea butter mixed with cocoa butter, lavender or tea tree, all more exciting than the next. If you need to nourish your hair in depth or your skin – just go.

4. Where to buy raw shea butter in London: Golden Touch Cosmetics

Golden Touch Cosmetics in Forest Gate is a place where you can buy shea butter in store without having to travel all the way to Central London, or to Brixton Market in South London. Golden Touch Hair and Cosmetics is a black owned family business that specialises in Afro-Caribbean hair and beauty products. We’re talking lots of shea butter products that are not always raw shea butter. However, they’re really amazing.

If you want to discover some of the best shea butter brands in London, you can find African Pride, Blue Magic, and Alikay Naturals at Golden Touch Cosmetics. The shea butter based products often range from 3 to 6 pounds, and almost never more than a tenner. 

I know lots of you love the Cantu products. They’re amazing. They’re not exactly the topic of this article, however, it’s nice to know where to buy shea butter in London when you’re not in Covent Garden or Piccadilly Circus. Or don’t have access to a Superdrug nearby.

5. Unrefined Shea Butter London: Baldwins

Photo: Baldwins

Baldwins definitely deserves a mention on this list of the best shea butter brands. There’s just no doubt about it. It’s located very very far from the center of London in SE17 (South East London) and it has some great brands of unrefined shea butter, African black soap, and even shea butter blends. 

At Baldwins, you can get the brand Laughing Bird. They have a 100% pure unrefined shea butter to die for. You can get the Baldwins brand refined shea butter, and other products made with shea butter like soap. If you’re ever around SE17 and don’t want to buy shea butter online, Baldwins is your next destination.

6. Where to buy Raw Shea Butter in London: Beauty World Cosmetics

One of the other shops where to buy raw shea butter in London is Beauty World Cosmetics in Brixton Market. When you get out of the underground station, it’s right at the entrance of Brixton Market. Beauty World Cosmetics is a really big store. They sell raw, unrefined shea butter in pots, unlike Kumasi Market that sells their shea butter in cling film.

If you want protection for natural products, you have to pay for the actual container. Normal.So, it’s going to be just a little bit more expensive that the Kumasi Market shea butter.

The one I especially love there is called Ghana’s Best. This is a brand that really shows unrefined shea butter. They have tiny tiny containers and heavier raw shea butter pots as well.

Whatever you choose, it’s going to be super affordable. Since Brixton Market really focuses on Caribbean and African products, you’re sure this is the best shea butter in South London. Probably even in the whole of London.

7. Buy Shea Butter Online UK: Kiya Cosmetics

The last five stores are about shea butter to buy online, or shea-butter based products. I recommend reading about them anyway. The five brands offer really good products – even if they’re not always raw shea butter.

Kiya Cosmetics does not offer the possibility to buy shea butter in store. However, it’s so good that it needs to be mentioned here on The London Rack. Basically, it’s a whipped shea butter that the brand creates and declines with different scents. It’s meant to be used on its own or as a leave-in for your hair or body. Like any shea butter, it’s safe for everyone and all skin types from kids to adults.

The Kiya Cosmetics shea butter range has six different whips from peppermint to citrus, lavender and the original whip. Even the original whip is a blend of butter and oil. For instance, that original whip is made with raw, organic, unrefined shea butter imported from Ghana. Then, it’s combined with sweet almond oil, Neem oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, and castor oil.

If you’re looking for the real deal, a preparation made for everyday use, that can be a really great option. There are no silicones, sulfates, parabens, synthetic colors, alcohols, or minerals in the Kiya Cosmetics products. They’re not tested on animals either. The whipped shea butter will cost you £9.99. That’s an honest price to relieve your skin with a good quality shea butter.

8. Buy Raw Shea Butter London: Sakaré Covent Garden

We’re talking about places where to buy shea butter in London right here. Yet, more often than not, we talk about Brixton Market for shea butter. However, it would be nice to be able to buy shea butter in store in central London, wouldn’t it?

Well, Sakaré Covent Garden is one place where you can get amazing shea butter. I know the price range is really different. To be fair, the Sakare Enriched Shea Butter is not totally unrefined shea butter. Still, I felt like Sakaré would be a nice opportunity for you to try something different. Something more high-end.

Thee premium enriched shea butter is packaged in a pot of 200ml and it’s infused with chamomile and vitamin E. To be honest, I prefer using raw shea butter on both my face and hair. If you’d like to use something that smells less strong on your heels, lips, hair or skin, this is it. That’s definitely a product ranked among the best shea butter brands in Central London.

Their whole range of products is really premium, with facial serums, nail and cuticle products. In addition, their shea butter is also oftentimes sold out, so you’d better grab it if you see it.

9. Buy Natural Shea Butter Online UK: Liha Beauty UK

Liha Beauty UK is one of those premium shea butter brands in London. You can definitely buy it in-store. However, it’s only available in the kind of store that sells independent beauty, accessories, and homeware brands. That’s why I prefer to tell you to get it online. For instance, you can even get it from the Space NK website.

Their Gold shea butter is packed in 100ml pots, sourced in Nigeria, natural, and vegan. The price point is much higher than what you could find at Kumasi Market, for instance, £25 for 100ml. However, don’t forget that Liha Beauty is a higher-end kind of brand in London. You’re really sure that the product is tested, top quality, and ethically sourced. You can even use it for babies and kids. It’s safe, and it’s the best of African skincare in a small pot.

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10. Primal Beauty Shea Butter

If you’re looking for where to buy shea butter in London, I can definitely recommend Primal Beauty Natural. You know just how crazy I am about black owned brands by now, and the fact that Primal Beauty is a black business run by a woman is something that I can absolutely vouch for.

Opened in 2011, PrimalBeauty focuses on Caribbean and West African raw products. We’re talking pure, unrefined shea butter straight in the heart of the city. Cocoa butter, coconut oil, and of course, amazing African black soap in London. 

Shea butter is packaged in a pot that’s super high-end-looking, available at £8.99 for 250g or £10.99 for 500g. Primal Beauty has earned quite a few awards for their skin and hair care products. Among them, you can count the Beauty Global Awards and the Best Natural Haircare product in 2016.

If you love unrefined shea butter but would like to go with something a bit scented, you can definitely get a package of 500g. They’re available with shea butter blended with lavender, lemongrass, orange or even pure with cocoa butter. If I were to choose one among the best shea butter brands in London, to be fair, Primal Beauty would definitely sit among them.

11. PureGoodness Shea Butter Products

I felt it would be nice to talk about Pure Goodness, a little bonus place where to buy raw shea butter in London.  Why? Because it is an independent, African run business in London, and once again – since I am that weak when it comes to African products – Pure Goodness deserves a mention on The London Rack. We’re talking about a brand made naturally and available in store in Brixton. What’s amazing is that since Brixton is very young and lively, you can find very trendy stores like TK Maxx there as well. I mentioned this store quite a few times, it’s amazing for the best cheap candle brands in London, for instance.

From Pure Goodness London, you can get some recipes free from parabens, sulfates and mineral oil. It’s not raw shea butter, which is why I’ve included it as a bonus on this list. Yet, their shampoo bars, moisturisers and hair oils are amazing products. Not too expensive, not the cheapest, but for sure one of the best shea butter brands in London.

Where to buy raw shea butter in London?

So there we have them all, the best shea butter brands you can get in store in London. As we’ve seen, a lot of those are sold in South London, where the Caribbean and Black African community is prevalent compared to the rest of London. That also means you can get a lot of African food specialties, which should definitely try because the cuisine is delicious.

Unrefined shea butter has owned my heart since the first day I tried it. I don’t see how anyone could live without using the best shea butter products on their face, hair, and body. Now you know everything about shea butter in London. Next step on The London Rack, the best shops for essential oils, cheap makeup, cheap candles, and much much more!

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