Finding the best candle brands have always been one of my favorite activities. When I first came across the Sand and Fog candles brand at TK Maxx, I must have been shopping at the Homesense store in Greenwich in South London. I believe I had tried California candles before with another one of the TK Maxx candle brands, but I can’t remember which one it was at the moment. Oh well.

In time, I want to tell you more about my candle finds, from amazing brands like Cire Trudon candles or the coolest soy wax melts brands. But for now, Sand and Fog candles need to have all our attention, because their smell absolutely amazing, with long-lasting diffused scents that make a house a home.

I’ve noticed that California candles brands are often very big on using the most natural ingredients to make their delicious soy or coconut wax melts. Sand and Fog candles definitely take from this. Although they’re not vegan candles, the brand does not “intentionally add any animal-derived products in the candles”. They’re not certified as a vegan facility, but they might be a great choice of candle brand if you’re looking for something that tends towards the vegan side of home decor.

The candles are made with a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients so candles are safer for people who suffer from allergies. Plus, no lead nor zinc inside the Sand + Fog recipes, and the wicks burn clean with their 100% cotton structure.

When I was in the TK Maxx candles department checking out my first Sand Fog candle, I didn’t see all this on the sticker. However, you can find all the information regarding the composition of the candles straight on the Sand Fog candles website.

Sand and Fog Candles Overview

Best Candle Brands - TK Maxx candles - Homesense candles - Sand + Fog - Sand and Fog candle brand California - Affordable Soy Wax Review
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Sand and Fog candles are quite affordable when you come to think of it. I’ve had plenty of different candle brands during my scented candle lover life. If you blend in a 12 oz weight and a natural soy wax blend for about $20, and much less when you find a new favorite on sale on the Sand Fog website is quite a steal. If you shop them from TK Maxx or the Homesense candle aisle, you’ll get them even cheaper. Just sayin’.

There are scents for just about anyone in the Sand + Fog range, that range from really autumny scents like Pumpkin Harvest or Orange & Clove. There are classic fresh candles like Ocean & Driftwood, Teakwood, or Eucalyptus Spearmint. The fact that these are also on sale from time to time on the Sand and Fog website is quite cool. Who doesn’t love natural wax candles with a touch of California and clean-burning cotton wicks?

The Sand and Fog candles are split between several fragrance families:

  • Floral: classic flowery candles like jasmine, lavender, and rose
  • Fresh & Clean: clean candle fragrances, herbs, leaves, water, natural fragrances
  • Fruit & vine: berries, citrus, tropical fruits, apple, grape, pear scents
  • Sweet & Spicy: ginger, cinnamon, vanilla candles
  • Warm & Woody: sandalwood candles, cedar, oak, amber, pine fragrancecs

Sand + Fog | Sand and Paws Candles

The California candles brand is an animal-friendly brand, there’s no denying it. The Sand + Fog candles range has been extended by the three founders with the Sand and Paws candles. These candles, like the other Sand and Fog candles, are not tested on animals and the brand does not intentionally use any animal-based products. It seems like a lot of the TK Maxx candles – and Homesense candles – are based on vegan brands or products that are proven not to be tested on animals, and I am here for it.

The Sand and Paws candles can neutralize all the pet odors that usually keep our walls and floors smelly even after cleaning. Olive Lemon and California Citron are set among their fancy fragrances, and you can also get your autumn candle classics like Pumpkin Spice or vanilla-scented candles in the Sand and Paws section.

As for the Sand + Fog candles, the brand takes between two years and two years and a half to develop a safe, secure new candle in the pet candle section. This includes testing the product for stability and safety – I personally did not know that producing and releasing a compliant new candle could take so long. This makes Sand and Fog an even more budget and time-worthy candle brand for me.

The Sand and Fog brand has also extended their collection with room diffusers and scented hand soaps that are inspired by the bestselling candle fragrances. As such, you can find Eucalyptus Mint, Tahitian Vanilla, and Limoncello-scented hand soaps. As a big Bath and Body Works client, I am used to using the same amazing scented candle, soap, body cream, and body mist. I always think it’s kind of cool when brands release a full line of products with the same fragrance!

TK Maxx Sand and Fog Candles Final Thoughts

Best Candle Brands - TK Maxx candles - Homesense candles - Sand + Fog - Sand and Fog candle brand California - Affordable Soy Wax Review
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I am ever so grateful to TK Maxx stores whenever I come across a new amazing candle brand. Not too long ago, I mentioned Sand and Fog candles on my London website among all the worthy candle brands at TK Maxx. There are so many more of those brands that I haven’t even checked out yet – TK Maxx and Homesense just keep storing more and more interesting candle brands!

One of them is definitely Sand + Fog, but I’ve also discovered another one of those brands you’ll love if you are big on choice when it comes to the best candles: DW Home. You can only know how amazing they are once you try their candles!

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