About the blogger

I currently share my life between London and Rome, after working as a freelance fashion makeup artist in Paris and London. After years of writing part-time, I finally became a full-time freelance writer in travel, jewelry, and fashion in 2020. 

I created Life Crescendo as a mash-up of my two previous blogs, The London Rack and The Rouge Velvet. This is your go-to luxurious magazine for travel, leisure, and lifestyle, so you’ll discover here the best brands and spots to visit all over the world.

I opened The Working Line in April ’22, the it-destination for freelancers, digital nomads, and start-ups from all over the world, with libraries and cafes to work, coworking spaces, and organization tips. Stop there if you are, like me, a digital workaholic in need for inspiration!

About Life Crescendo

Life Crescendo is an inclusive and luxurious travel, lifestyle, and leisure magazine for people willing to splurge on the finer things in life. Discover here the best foods – halal and vegan included, amazing activities and landmarks all around the world, and the coziest lifestyle and leisure brands.

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